How to get Started

First, Install the Metamask wallet to get the coins. Here is a tutorial for you to check for the whole installation and setup.
Login to your Metamask wallet.
Check your Network to be "Polygon Mainnet" in the Metamask wallet.
Buy Polygon Matic using any exchange or the Buy button in Metamask.
Import SALVAcoin address "0xDB8E3B813ef7cA48a36a27a663e0333911C68831" in your metamask wallet to fetch your SALVAcoins.
Click "Buy SALVAcoin", purchase your tokens and confirm metamask transaction.
Make sure, you connect your Metamask wallet in the SALVAcoin platform.
First, Install the Metamask wallet to get the coins. Here is a tutorial for you to check for the whole installation and setup.


SALVAcoin combines block chain technology with 3 built in real world features that put the power in the hands of SALC holders to influence the value of their investment.
Each quarter, every SALVAcoin receives a rewards bonus from sales on the SALVA platforms. These rewards can be used on SALVAshop, SALVAgrow and SALVAcoin or cashed out. The more sales on the SALVA platforms the higher the rewards bonus is paid to our coin holders. Rewards are paid out each quarter to SALVAcoin holders.
SALVAcoin is an exclusive LIMITED-EDITION crypto currency with a lifetime hard cap of 10,000,000 SALC ever being minted. This protects owners from ever being diluted and SALC value increasing as REWARD payments are also non-dilutable.
We highly value our SALVAcoin owners and want to include your voice in company decisions. To accomplish this, SALVA has polls, exclusive to SALC holders, where we all vote on company decisions.

View from Finca SALVA Colombia
in Fredonia, Antioquia


Both crypto and cannabis have experienced a lot of volatility over the last few years. SALVA has learned from this and the SALVA system is the result. SALVA has evolved by empowering our community with the tools to be involved in a fully vertical cannabis business and exciting new crypto currency.

Avoid the crypto trap of empty promises, celebrity hype, and 'pump and dump' schemes.

Join SALVA for a crypto backed in the real world.

BUY - SALVAcoin and SALVA goods and services on SALVAshop and SALVAgrow

PROMOTE - SALVAcoin, the SALVA platforms and products as a SALVA Affiliate on SALVAnet

EARN - SALVAcoin Rewards on SALVAnet , buy products or cash out

With so much opportunity and potential in the crypto and cannabis space, SALVA is taking the lead in bringing real world value and delivering 3 simple steps to success.

Get SALVAcoin NOW !!

There are limited numbers of SALVAcoin available and the first release of SALC when done, is done. When SALC is made available to the broader public and SOLD out, the lucky owners of SALVAcoin will be in an excellent position to maximize their investment.

BUY Products and PROMOTE Platforms

The driving force that increases the value of SALVAcoin is the sale of SALVA products and that is accomplished by promoting the SALVA platforms. SALVA products are available in North/South America, the European Union and the SALVA platforms can be used worldwide.

Sign up on SALVAnet to be an AFFILIATE and make commission off of every sale from your referrals. Buy SALVAcoin, build your referral network on SALVAnet, earn commissions, and increase the value of your SALVAcoin.

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The time is NOW to BUY SALVAcoin. You can use your SALC to earn REWARDS, buy PRODUCTS, buy GROW plans. You can also SELL your SALC. Only you can know what is right for your SALVAcoin.

The goal of SALVAcoin is to empower you with a crypto that can do much more than sit in your crypto wallet. You can buy, sell, collect rewards, buy cannabis products or cash out on major exchanges. SALVAcoin is a crypto tool you can use in many ways.

Our Platforms

The SALVA System is a network of exciting new products and technology that merge cannabis with crypto and affiliate marketing through one easy to use panel called SALVAdashboard. One log in gives you access to all SALVA platforms and keeps all your investments and wallet in one secure place.

These SALVA systems are designed so that you can make an excellent income from home and you don't even have to invest anything, you can get started with zero money and start making money, today!

Connects all SALVA platforms and allows you to use SALVAcoin in one easy place. SALC brings all this together to give our community the power to control their holdings in the SALVA systems. SALC is the preferred currency where SALVA goods are traded.
Join the affiliate networking platform of the future with and start earning commissions today. connects all the SALVA platforms into one account and allows you to promote from one account all the SALVA products and earn immediately.
From high quality CBD products, to cutting edge recreational vapes, indigenous coffee, and cool merchandise. Every product on SALVAshop comes with our commitment to ethical business and care for the earth. All our products are made organically and come from our farms in Costa Rica and Colombia.
Be an e-grower and buy cannabis plants online. You can then sell and trade your plants, make a profit, and add to your portfolio. SALVAgrow is the opportunity to be a part of the SALVA cannabis grow operations. You can even come visit our farms, see your plants and experience where all the magic starts with the SALVA system.
The word SALVA means ‘to save’ in Spanish. We at SALVA believe in our name. From helping the disadvantaged receive free medicine, to donating to indigenous communities in Colombia, SALVAorg is the purpose we live for. With your SALVAcoin you can make tax deductible donations and do some good in the world. SALVAorg is a legal Non-Profit and a part of the SALVA system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SalvaCoin / SALC?

SalvaCoin also known as SALC is a cryptocurrency on the polygon chain. SALVAcoin (SALC), is the creation of SALVA Inc. a USA company with global operations, 'brick and mortar' locations, real estate and farms, production facilities, charity initiatives, and product inventory and sales channels on 3 continents. With tangible assets and a wide range of products with purpose.

How are SALVAcoin features different from other crypto?

SALVAcoin was created to put power in the hands of SALVAcoin holders. Most crypto holders can only sit helplessly as their investments crash in value and there is nothing they can do about it. SALVAcoin is the opposite of that helpless dynamic. SALVAcoin empowers SALC holders to participate in the success of their SALC investment, by giving them the tools to act, influence and profit even more.

Which wallet is required to store SALC?

You can use a metamask crypto wallet to store the coins. You need to add a polygon chain in the metamask wallet. Salvacoin/SALC is in the polygon chain. So you need to have matic in the polygon chain to buy the coins. Users need to switch to polygon chain in metamask to buy the coins

Where can I use SALC?

SALC offers some very cool and useful features that allow you to use SALC in a variety of ways and for you to be able to profit even more.

  • SALC can be used on all our SALVA platforms to purchase products, invest in grow plans, and post ICO, cash out on other exchanges.
  • SALC can buy cannabis and other products on
  • SALC can buy grow plans on
  • SALC can be sold on

How does the SALC ownership system work?

To start GET SALVAcoin. You can purchase SALC from here and it will be transferred directly to your independent crypto wallet i.e Metamask. SALC holders will receive insider updates and be included in meetings and voting on certain company decisions.

What platform can SALVAcoin be purchased on now and in the future?

For a limited time, during initial ICO, SALC is exclusively available on this platform. Post ICO, SALC will be made available on other exchanges.

How much do SALC cost and when are they available for purchase?

Salvacoin/SALC would cost 1 matic during the ICO. The ICO will be open for 31 days. There will be 2 million coins available for purchase during the ICO. After the ICO ends, there will be a 1 week cool-off period where you cannot buy the coin. But anyone can transfer it to anyone if they have coins. After the cool-off period you can buy the coin again from the site. The price of the coin can be changed any time. ICO start date has not yet been decided.

How many SALC are available in total?

There are 10 million Salva Coins in total that can ever be minted.

Is there any risk?

Yes. There is no guarantee of any sort of returns for the holders of the coin.

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